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The Artist

Born and raised in The Bronx, NY, Tzuriel is an artist who found his voice through creating. Tzuriel's desire to create led him to pursue a career in art; obtaining a BA in studio art/graphic design and a MS in Art Therapy/ Counseling. While graphic design showed him an entirely new way of creating, Tzuriel feels most at home with a paintbrush and an empty canvas. Tzuriel creates artworks that are meant to appreciate the beautiful and call attention to the not-so-beautiful.  So few things have a voice and even fewer are easy to be heard once told, but pictures? Pictures provide us with a buffer. They are powerful enough to make our best times better and our worst times seem beautiful. Drawing influence from expressionism, as well as from everyday life, Tzuriel strives to provoke thought, evoke emotion, and encourage dialogue through his art. He believes art is much like a language; just as there will always be new words to learn, there are always new things to be learned through art. Currently, Tzuriel continues to do shows around the NYC area and most recently obtained his MS in Guidance and Counseling, endeavoring to help do much of the necessary work needed to heal the emotional scars of our people.