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The Art

As an artist and art therapist, I create paintings which seek to increase the viewer's awareness. I do this through identifying a problem within a social, political, or cultural context or by showing what I feel to be a solution. There is typically an emotional darkness to my work and an aim to provoke thought and discussion. I am analytical by nature; so I often look beyond the surface of things in order to understand them. When I paint, I am, to some degree, visually representing my journey of thought and analysis.

I occasionally incorporate textures into my work and use ink to create bold lines and drips. The ink is meant not only to animate my paintings, but to emphasize certain objects. Additionally, drips have inherent movement and because of this, I find they can be received in many interesting ways, depending on their placement within a painting. My experience with art has long been cathartic  and it is always my hope that some sort of healing or a new awareness can be gained from it.